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Brick Pizza Oven

Brick Pizza Oven

I’ve been wanting to build one of these for a long time, finally, this fall, I decided the time was right.  I build this in a couple of afternoons. In terms of materials, it has a concrete foundation, (10 bags of quikrete) 400 red bricks and around 30 fire bricks, and 20 concrete cinder block foundation bricks.  The pizzas that I have cooked in this are incredible.  See the photos below!

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This is the finished Pizza Oven with the fire blazing.  You want the fire as hot as possible….like 500 degrees.  I added a couple of pizza stones inside it and it helps the pizzas cook faster and makes the crust crispy.  Small pizzas take around 10 minutes each to cook.

I knew, in order for the oven to be level, I would have to pour a concrete foundation.  Here is the framework prior to pouring the concrete.

This foundation has 10 bags of quikrete.  I mixed it in a wheel barrow and poured it all myself.  My wife helped level off the top when we got it all poured.

Once the concrete was dry, I added the support stones, a total of 20 counting the middle section.

Next, I added a double layer of concrete backer board, the same material used when laying tile.

Here I have laid the fire bricks (the white ones) and started on the perimeter bricks.

This is how I built the ceiling without any mortar, I used angle iron that I painted with High Heat rustoleum spray paint, then laid the bricks across the top.  I did 2-3 layers of brick to help with heat insulation.

Bricking the ceiling.

Close up of bricks on the angle iron

I also added an angle iron across the top and across the back, under the fire bricks.  This really helped the structure over all.

Ceiling Construction

Ceiling Construction

My first round of small pizzas from the oven…..these were AMAZING!  I learned that you need to keep a close eye on them and turn them often so they don’t burn on one side.

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  1. Ive tried a pizza from this oven and it was heavenly!!!

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