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Custom Closets – New Construction Home

This client requested that I construct and install custom closets in their new home.  I started in the master bedroom, then added a closet in the main level spare bedroom as well.  These units were custom designed based upon the client’s requests and available space in each closet.  With 9 foot ceilings, I elected to go with an 8 foot tall unit in each closet.  These units were built and painted in my shop, then delivered and installed at the client’s home.

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Dry Assembly – All units are dry assembled prior to being painted and installed.

Painting – Each board is primed and painted 2 coats per side.

Drying – After each coat, the components go to the drying rack for 24 hours.

Finished components delivered, ready for installation

Master closet hanging wall, almost complete.

Master closet hanging wall installed.

Master closet hanging wall, installed.

Master closet shoe storage installed.

Master closet hanging area and shoe storage.

Second main level bedroom closet unit installed.

Second main level bedroom closet installed.

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  1. Awesome job!!!! Wish you lived closer!

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